You Are Not Alone is a remake of You Are Not Alone.


The film begins in a park in early evening. The sun is setting and all the families are going home. A young couple, Keri and Barry, are only just arriving however. They walk through the park and have a few cans of beer. Eventually they start kissing and Barry lays down a blanket, but Keri tells him she has to pee first. Keri goes into some bushes but gets an uneasy feeling. When she is done, she returns to Barry and they start having sex. Someone watches them from the bushes. The person steps on a twig and snaps it, so Keri sends Barry to go look for who is there. He looks around but finds no one. He then returns to Keri and they continue having sex. After they are done, Keri starts to think that the person was Barry's friend Tim, a notorious pervert. They fight and he storms off. When he stops to pee, the figure appears and starts to strangle him. Keri begins to fall asleep under the night sky, but the killer appears and kills her.

The following day, Tim and his other friends, Rachel, Sam, Kelly and Tina arrive at the park for a day out. They are all talking and having a good time until Tina runs into her old boyfriend, Brady, and he starts flirting with her. Eventually she gives in and they run off to have sex in the bushes. Tim gets a similar idea and runs off with Sam.

Brady takes Tina down to the creek and have rough sex on the ground. Mysteriously, when Brady ejaculates he doesn't have an orgasm. He then goes over to the creek to pee, but Tina hears him screaming and runs over, thinking he had fallen in. The killer then comes up behind her and pushes her into the river.

The killer comes through the bushes and watches as Tim and Sam have sex against a tree. They sneak up behind them and attack them, killing Tim in the process.

Meanwhile, Rachel needs to pee so she and Kelly go into the bushes, where Kelly starts to kiss Rachel. They lay down on the ground and start having sex until Rachel hears Sam's muffled cries. They run over to find her tied to a tree and gagged. The killer appears and kills Kelly as Rachel unties Sam and they run off. 

Hiding in the bushes, Rachel and Sam start kissing. The killer grabs Sam's legs and drags her away. The killer then chases Rachel, eventually cornering her on a bridge over the creek. They remove their mask to reveal Brady underneath. She asks him why he killed everyone and he replies that he enjoyed it. He tries to molest Rachel, but she pushes him away and decides to escape him by committing suicide, plunging into the creek to her death.