Tina appeared in The Sleepover Murders and The Yoga Massacre.

The Sleepover MurdersEdit

The Yoga MassacreEdit

Tina came over to Rachel's house to sleep there and partake in a yoga class Rachel had organized along with Sam, Kelly and Keri. Their yoga instructors were Tim and Barry.

Tina immediately had an attraction to Barry and started to flirt with him during the lesson. Rachel left to take a bath and was followed by Kelly and Sam, leaving Tina and Keri with the boys. The guys decided to continue the lesson at the girls request.

Tim started to gyrate against Keri, arousing her. Barry came around in front of Tina to demonstrate a squat. In doing so, his penis fell out of his shorts and dangled in front of Tina's face. When he realised what had happened he tried to put it away, but Tina's hand suddenly snatched out and she grabbed hold of it, telling him not to worry, she would take care of him. She then started to rub his penis.

After getting Barry to lie on the floor, Tina tore a hole in the crotch of her yoga pants and started having sex with him. Keri and Tim also started having sex. Eventually Tina climbed off and Barry ejaculated, as did Tim. The guys went outside to pee, but only Tim came back. While Barry was still outside, Brady appeared and killed him.

Tina then realised that she also needed to pee and went outside. Huddled over to keep warm, she hunkered down behind some plants and peed. She looked around several times, getting the feeling she was being watched. When she was done, she tore a leaf from a plant and wiped herself with it.

When Tina went back into the house, she encountered Brady in the hall and he killed her by stabbing her in the back.