Sandy appeared in The Pool Party Massacre.


Sandy attended the pool party at Jenny's house, during which Robbie was pantsed by Ronny and Reece, revealing that his penis has shrunk due to the cold water. Along with the other girls, Sandy made fun of the size of Robbie's penis, causing him to attack Ronny.

Later, Sandy and the others were once again invited to a pool party as Jenny had found her old pool. During the party, Sandy announced that she had to urinate and headed for the bathroom.

Sandy made it to the toilet and sat on it, idly rolling the toilet roll while she peed. Suddenly, Robbie sat up in the bath tub, revealing that he had returned for revenge. He killed Sandy offscreen.

Later, Lori also needed to pee and came upstairs, but the door was locked. Lori loudly stated that she would killed sandy for this, unaware that Sandy was already dead, lying face down in the bath tub with her bikini bottoms still pulled down.

Deleted ScenesEdit

In the extended or "unrated" cut of The Pool Party Massacre, Sandy's death is longer and takes place on screen. She finishes peeing and beings to wipe herself with a piece of toilet roll, when Robbie sits up and makes himself known. He is shown choking her with both of his hands and lifiting her into the air. Later, when her body is shown lying in the bath, she is lying on her back as opposed to face down.