Lynn appeared in The Sleepover Massacre.


Lynn was a close friend of Laura and Beth. Lynn was actually a secret lesbian and harboured strong feelings for Laura, but didn't tell anyone about them.

The Sleepover MassacreEdit

One weekend Laura found out that her parents were leaving town so she had the house to herself. She decided to throw a slumber party and invited Lynn and Beth.

The girls were interrupted by Amanda, who kept knocking on the door. The girls were unaware that Amanda had been stalking them all day.

After Josh, Laura's boyfriend showed up, Beth and Laura had a fight, so Beth took Josh upstairs and slept with him to get revenge. Amanda broke in and cut the power to the house, then killed Josh and Beth. Lynn took advantage of their sitation by holding Laura's hand.

Eventually the two decided to retreat upstairs and just go to bed. They decided to stay together to keep safe, so they went to Laura's parents master bedroom to sleep there. Given the situation, Lynn finally gave in to her feelings and kissed Laura, who surprisingly kissed her back. Lynn got undressed and began to remove Laura's clothes to have sex with her, but Laura stopped her as she had to go to the toilet. Laura promised to have sex with Lynn when she returned.

While waiting for Laura to come back, Lynn lay on the bed and masturbated. Amanda entered the room and began to stroke Lynn, who thought she was Laura. When she opened her eyes, she saw it was Amanda, who covered her mouth and slit her throat.