The Killer Fight series is a series of films comprimising of short films in which villains from other short films encounter each other.

Killer Fight: Hag vs InsomniacEdit

This film concerns a battle between the Killer Hag and the Insomniac Killer on a foresty hill. They each kill a random hiked before meeting each other and fight, which results in the Hag's defeat.

Killer Fight 2: Apex Predator vs Dead KlownEdit

This film is actually the canon introduction of Dead Klown. In the film, the Apex Predator (character) kills two hikers in a national park, but one of them returns to life as the Dead Klown to take revenge.

Killer Fight 3Edit

The third film is expected to be released soon.

See alsoEdit

Killer Fight: Hag vs Insomniac

Killer Fight 2: Apex Predator vs Dead Klown

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