Annie appeared in The Pool Party Massacre.


Annie attended the pool party at Jenny's house, during which Robbie was pantsed by Ronny and Reece, revealing that his penis has shrunk due to the cold water. Along with the other girls, Annie made fun of the size of Robbie's penis, causing him to attack Ronny.

Later, Annie and the others were once again invited to a pool party as Jenny had found her old pool. During the party, the group separated, leaving only Annie and Ronny in the pool. Annie noticed this and, as she was attracted to Ronny, saw her chance to seduce him.

Aroused by the idea of having sex in the pool, Annie suggested doing so and then pulled her swimsuit down to how Ronny her breasts. Ronny was at first reluctant, but Annie changed his mind by sticking her hand under the water and touching his crotch. She then got a grip on his swim shorts and yanked them down and off his legs. She held them up to show Ronny and then dropped them back in the water.

Ronny pointed out to Annie that the water was freezing, so as to explain his shrivelled manhood. She sarcastically replied that she enjoyed a challenge and then started to staddle him. While they were having sex, Robbie came out into the back yard and crept up behind them.

Annie, who had closed her eyes while she was having sex, got the feeling someone else was near by and opened her eyes to find Robbie, emotionlessy watching them make love. Annie started to scream and tried to cover her bare breasts. Robbie slashed Ronny's throat with a knife and then tackled Annie into the water, where he drowned her.